🕒Setup Backtest

You can keep the default settings or customize the following fields:

Side: Choose whether the indicator should Backtest only Long, Short or 2 trades. For example if 'Long' is chosen the Short signals will be ignored and vice versa.

Invest: The amount of investment you want to allocate to this strategy.

Position: The position size (also called "Base Order Size" on different trading apps). For SPOT or leverage trading x1, the 'Position' field must be equal to the 'Invest' field. The relationship between the position size and the amount invested will represent the leverage. For example, for an investment of $1000 and leverage x3 'Invest' = 1000 and 'Position' = 3000.

Fees %: The percentage of your exchange's volume fees. The indicator takes into account these fixed costs at each entry and exit of Trades in "Taker" mode. For example as a percentage: Binance Futures = 0.04, Bybit Futures = 0.06, OKX Futures = 0.05.

Negative Slippage %: Allows you to take into account a negative slippage to obtain "downward" forecasts and a Backtest that is as close as possible to the actual results. Negative slippage is often ignored but can actually have a very harmful effect, especially for high-frequency strategies applied in small timeframes with very tight TP/SL or on assets that have very little liquidity and volume. The indicator will add to each trade a loss equivalent to the percentage entered multiplied by the position size. For example: If 'Negative Slippage %' = 0.01 and 'Position' = 1000, the indicator will record a loss of 0.0001*1000 = $0.10 per trade.

Start date / End date: Set the start date and end date of the Backtest. Warning: Depending on your Tradingview Subscription Plan, you will have a different history capability. Basic (Free): 5000 bars, Pro: 10000 bars, Pro+: 10000 bars, Premium: 20000 bars. For example with the Free plan, in Timeframe H4 (4 hours) your chart will display a maximum of 5000 bars of 4 hours, which represents (4 * 5000) / 24 = 833 days. You will then be able to Backtest thanks to the indicator the strategy on the last 833 days maximum (A little more than 2 years).

Small Tab: Displays a different Data Table freeing up space on the chart.

Hide Tab / Hide Labels / Hide Boxes: Allows you to hide the different elements related to the Backtest to obtain better visibility of the chart.

Full Autopilot Mode [H4]: Check this box to run the strategy with preconfigured parameters for the timeframe H4. 3 Modes are available to trade: Cloud Breakouts, Tenkan/Kijun Crossings and Early SSA x SSB Crossings

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